Recent Portait Work

We’ve been busy doing portraits again, like this photo, for a local surgeon. Pleased to say that he was extremely happy with the result and said it was much better than the photos he’d had done by another photographer!!

more passport photos

We’ve been busy doing passport photos again, now we offer the passport requirements for online digital passport application or renewal, the specifications are a little bit different.

Corporate Portraits for a businesswoman

We recently completed a set of corporate -style portraits for a local businesswoman/entrepreneur, we were really happy with the results – it’s difficult to attain a natural relaxed look yet maintaining the formality of a corporate portrait. The client was very pleased.

Kids’ fun portraits – from the archive

It’s been a while since we did a kids’ fun photo session, so here are few new edits from a shoot we did a while ago – it is thursday, after all! We loving doing portraits and kids’ photo sessions are just so much fun!!! our kids’ fun photo sessions cost £75 – i’m sure your kids and the rest of your family will love them!!